A strong corporate health and safety program is in place at AEC. All employees involved in hazardous material cleanup and waste management activities have received a minimum of 40 hours of hazardous waste safety and respiratory protection training required under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulation, 29 CFR 1910.120. In addition, AEC’s employees are enrolled in a comprehensive annual medical monitoring program.

AEC provides the latest health and safety equipment to its field personnel to protect them from potential chemical and particulates hazards. This includes personal protective equipment such as powered air purifying respirators, safety goggles, hard hats, steel toe shoes, gloves, protective coveralls, and personal air sampling equipments.

Prior to engaging in on-site hazardous activities, AEC prepares a comprehensive site safety plan and scope of work specifications that outlines the procedures to be followed by field project managers, technicians, and workers, both in routine and emergency situations.

AEC understands liability issues and how they affect both the company and our valued clients. AEC is dedicated to protecting its field personnel as they investigate, manage, and resolve hazardous waste situations and potential environmental issues.